Operating Systems - Systems and Systematic Approaches to Problem Identification to System Development and System Solutions.

Desktop Publications and Photography - Teaches the fundamentals of Publications and Photography through Project Based Learning and Adobe Design Suite as well as Nikon D40 Digital SLR's.

Introduction to Engineering is an introductory course in the Technology program that develops students’ problem-solving,

visualization and communications skills. The emphasis is on the engineering fields as well as 

the design process and utilization of three-dimensional solid modeling computer software. The

pre-requisite for this course is a grade of B or better in CAD 1, Algebra 1, Geometry and Advanced Algebra 

Introduction to Engineering :  Is the Capstone course that  prepares students to enter a two or four-year College or technical school in engineering or engineering technology.

Computer Aided Design -  Drafting, Designing, and Development -  Communication